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How banks can differentiate their service offer through automated SDLs

Mechanical safe deposit lockers can provide suitable protection for valuables, but they often lack the flexibility and convenience that bank customers who are accustomed to a 24/7 service would expect. 

Today’s demanding bank customers require a safe deposit locker system that combines automated technology and advanced identification features, enabling deposit or retrieval of their precious items at any time and on any day of the week.

In order to differentiate its services from competitors, BCC Castellana Grotte, was seeking to offer a modern safe deposit locker service, but without physically expanding the branch. Moreover, the new service had to provide much greater flexibility for their customers and at the same time offer a cost-saving solution to the bank.

With SafeStore Auto Maxi, Gunnebo’s automated safe deposit locker system for large self-service areas, a solution was found that fulfilled all the bank’s demands.

Augusto Dell’Erba, President of BCC Castellana Grotte, talks about the advantages this has brought to the bank:

We decided to acquire a system of highly technological, robotised deposit boxes to offer our customers a cutting-edge service, because we realised that there was a strong demand for such high-quality services.

"The benefit we have had as a credit institution is that we have been able to present ourselves to customers with a sophisticated, but at the same time simple-to-use deposit locker system, which has accredited us as a bank being capable of employing the best technological models. Therefore, this solution has definitely given us a competitive edge."

Customers are reacting positively, because they understand how the use of the system increases their own freedom, in so far as – unlike previous arrangements – they don’t have to converse with a bank employee beforehand, but can enter the bank at any time of the day and directly access their safe-deposit box, without any downtime and with an absolutely privileged and discreet access.

"Gunnebo’s SafeStore Auto Maxi enables us to have the facility managed directly by the customer. It does not require the presence of a physical person to directly deal with this customer request. This obviously results in a certain cost saving. But above all, it boosts overall efficiency and the way of accessing the safe-deposit boxes themselves. The customer therefore appreciates this innovative service. The SSA is therefore also a tool to differentiate us from competition and to create customer loyalty and retention."


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