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Why self-service is a fast-moving trend in safe deposit lockers

Safeguarding client valuables in safe deposit lockers (SDLs) is a service offered by banks as well as hotels, cruise ships, casinos and other operators in the hospitality industry. Security and client convenience are their top priorities.

Self-service safe deposit lockers – ATM-style

A new generation of safe deposit lockers combining automated technology and advanced identification features has emerged providing the flexibility required for 24/7 deposit or retrieval of valuables.

Today’s technology makes it easy to address the “always-on availability challenge” — even for the protection of valuables

Designed to offer extended services to users, self-service SDLs are also modular enough to fit into small, medium or large spaces. Flexible, compact and portable, these new systems fulfil the needs of banks, hotels or offices who want to create self-service areas.


How self-service safe deposit locker systems work
Customers access and collect their valuables 24/7 with uncompromised security.

  • Secure area
    The customer enters a secured self-service area using an access control system. This ensures privacy and means SDLs can be used at any time of the day or night.
  • Biometric ID
    High-security standards prevent fraudulent access thanks to identification methods which include card readers, PIN codes and biometrics such as fingerprint scans.
  • Robot retrieval
    Deposit boxes are brought to the customer using robotised technology, strengthening security and eliminating the need for staff presence.

The benefits of self-service SDLs

Customers are not the only ones to benefit from such facilities. Managers in the banking, hospitality or service industries also have much to gain from a self-service safe deposit locker solution.


A first-class customer service for the protection of valuables helps increase turnover and client satisfaction by:

  • Involving staff in more value-added activities as customers no longer need to be accompanied into the vault room to deposit or retrieve their belongings
  • Optimising space allocation as self-service SDL areas require less room
  • Providing increased ROI opportunities since 24/7 availablility allows for increased rental fees
  • Differentiating the brand by delivering an innovative self-service environment and attracting a new generation of users not previously interested in safe-deposit lockers
  • Reducing back-office administration thanks to an automated registration process and system monitoring
  • Providing customers with a service with uncompromised security
  • Generating usage data which can be used to improve the customer experience

If revolutionising your safe deposit locker service is as much a priority as improving customer convenience, then learn more about SafeStore Auto and check out our range of self-service safe deposit lockers today.

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