Why self-service is a fast-moving trend in safe deposit lockers

The growing number of self-service environments has increased customer expectations for high-tech solutions and round-the-clock accessibility. So how should bus...

Safe deposit lockers

2 minute read

Why hotels should change the master code on their security boxes

A personal security box at the hotel is a service appreciated by many guests. But hotels must be careful to change the default master code on their room safes -...

Hotel security box

1 minute read

7 reasons banks prefer self-service safe deposit lockers

Modern technology now allows bank customers to access their deposit lockers without even stepping foot into the vault. This post lists the main reasons why self...

Safe deposit lockers

2 minute read

Server safes and how they protect your business from digital espionage

Businesses are extremely aware of the importance of IT security and the related threats, but one aspect often overlooked is the risk of signal interception.

Server safes

2 minute read

4 reasons why it is time to update your safe

A safe sits at the heart of your site's security as the last line of defence. They rarely break down or wear out, but is your safe still doing its job? Here are...


2 minute read

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